The Air Cargo World

The largest air cargo plane in the world is the Antonov An -225 Mriya. This aircraft can carry 640 tons, and it is also the longest plane ever created. Its wingspan is 290 feet which is double the Wright Brother’s first plane of 120 feet. 1200px-Antonov_An-225_Beltyukov-1

The first air cargo flight took place in 1910 in the USA which was the Wright Model B airplane that carried silk for 65 miles. The silk business decided to use the plane for marketing purposes instead of actual transporting the goods since the store had just opened. The silk was cut into small pieces and glued onto postcards for souvenir purposes. But as the years went by the demand of air cargo transportation greatly increased.

Airbus created the Beluga. This aircraft might be the weirdest of all airplanes so far but it’s unique design provides 14,000 cubic meters of space which is roughly 36 cars.


The air cargo world transports yearly more than 51.2 million tons of freight and reached about 60 million metric tons of freight in 2017. This would be way more than 100,000 Antonov An-225 planes.


The highest share of airborne trade tonnage consists of the following commodities: computing equipment, machinery and electrical equipment. Animals and flowers are also a huge commodity demand for the air cargo world.

Large Cargo Freighter Arrival at Boeing Field

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)


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