The Major Ports of the UK embrace Brexit

Brexit, British Exit from the European Union, is being embraced by the major ports of the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister of England believes that there would be greater opportunities for the United Kingdom “as an independent nation”. The ports that represent 75% of the US’s global trade supports the Prime Minister’s policy on the Brexit. This also includes leaving the customs union. The Prime Minister emphasizes how England will benefit by leaving the European Union because this would allow Britain to engage in new trade deals with other countries. Southampton which is the England’s number one export port “will play a key role in securing the future prosperity of” the UK. The port currently handles £40B exports per year with 90% of the cargo from other countries around the world which are outside of the European Union. The total cargo loads handled in this port amount to £75 billion.

The Department for Transport (DTF) of the UK is encouraging partners within the maritime sector to come up with new ideas to better secure, develop and grow the marine industry. Roger Hargreaves the Director of Maritime at DTF stated that in 2050 the marine industry would be most focused on the future of the ports and shipping. They are currently conducting a study that will soon be released that will convey the significance that the ports have. This will be one of the first times the government recognizes the importance the port has for the country and for the people.

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By Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)


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