Drone Shipping & Shipping Insurance

Drone-TA-674480931A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle also called UAV, which can transport packages, food or other goods. And they have multiple uses.

The first attempts to commercialize the UAV was in 2015, but FAA did not approve the regulation. When the FAA found out that the drones could transport medicines and vaccines, and retrieve medical samples, they approved it quickly. The drone delivered to a rural part of Virginia medical clinic in a program called “Let’s Fly Wisely”. It’s already been used in Rwanda and Tanzania to deliver blood samples and pharmaceutical products.

In 2016, with further developments of the drone, the UAV delivered its first meal. The project was with Santa Casa da Misericordia de Penela and Penela Town Hall. They delivered to Joaquim dos Reis. Dominio’s Pizza attempted to delivery pizza in England. New Zealand is already receiving it’s Dominio’s Pizza via drone. And Chipotle is already testing drone delivery.

Postal services all around the world have been testing the drone. From France La Poste to South Korea CJ Express, more and more companies are testing the viability of the UAV. Boeing announced in 2018 that they created a prototype of a cargo drone for up to 500lbs. And now Amazon has announced that it won’t take long for SWA (Shipping with Amazon) to use the drone for delivery services.

As technology brings new advancements to cargo and freight transport so the growing need for freight and shipping insurance and as the industry evolves so will our insurance policy will modify according to meet the needs of the demanding market of the freight industry.

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)




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