Shipping with Amazon & Shipping Insurance

Amazon has been launching new ideas. From the virtual store that needs no cashiers, to the delivery service that doesn’t need anyone home to receive a package (Amazon Key), and now they have announced SWA – Shipping with Amazon. How can Shipping exist without shipping insurance.

The company already expanded its ocean freight, cargo planes, plans for drone delivery, and is now ready to compete with companies like Fedex and UPS. Amazon already delivers its own orders to 37 cities in America, and they are planning to expand even further.

41% of online shopping comes from Amazon. Amazon’s policy guarantees quick and fast delivery of their online products, and their prices are the lowest in the market. Amazon has already invested $13.2 billion on warehouses and other logistics buildup for its operations in America.  The massive amount of shipments will require shipping insurance as with no doubt as the volume grows the amount of claims increases.

Amazon plans to expand even further as they also continue to invest overseas.  Their plans are yet to be announced but in the meantime, we urge customers to minimize risks by securing their packages with shipping insurance.

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)

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