Demand on Freight Insurance Fashion Industry

As the fashion industry increased, so has its virtual influence. Clients have placed a higher demand on receiving their valued items in a timely fashion.

f582fc79aa6149e4bef30bf216f5fc81This has brought an increased demand on air cargo as well as air cargo insurance; as well as, an increase on the type of packing that these items are delivered in. For example, Zara manages to deliver on its promise of providing stylish apparel within three weeks. Although they might not always ship through air cargo due to financial, geographical and environmental purposes, but they still manage to continuously deliver on their promise. This has brought a new level of trust between end user and the provider. Another example is Tory Burch. The packaging of Tory along with a personal letter uniquely placed in each package which as Tory Burch herself said, “I think a brand is all encompassing and it’s everything… I think it’s a cohesiveness…” (in her interview with CNBC). This has made Tory Burch Clients loyal customers which have conveyed great satisfaction with the whole brand experience.7c869a07edb926f4b6fbe102d5ff731b

As the demand on shipping has increased so has the shipping insurance demand increased to protect the goods while in transit. Sometimes hiring a separate company to insure your goods might be the safest route because not all companies you directly order from have shipping & freight insurance coverage policy. Therefore, Ramon Inc. offers freight & shipping insurance that is the right coverage for you.  Ramon Inc., has been working with apparel importers and exporters for 3 decades. We insure the containers origin to destinations for All risk, full replacement value.

Call us today for free consultation by an expert who has been consulting on freight and shipping insurance for over 3 decades.

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)

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