Responsibility is Ours

ThCapturee responsibility is ours!

We imagine that reality and the universe puts us through experiences that we have no control over. Naturally, we are looking for these outside causes to point a finger and blame. We blame the world, the family and anyone close to us but the most popular hanger to hang the responsibility to our problems is our peers. In every conflict whether it is quarrel or disagreement, there is always one person to blame. “He/she put us through agony; he/she made us suffer; he/she was extremely inconsiderate.”

This perception of “it’s because of you” puts us in an evil vicious cycle. Because when we feel that someone treated us badly,  we keep in our minds that we should treat him/her with the same evil to teach him/her a lesson and to punish them or for payback.

When there is never a“because of me” perception, we loose that feeling of responsibility. How will we ever feel responsible? How are we going to want to better ourselves? And what reasons will we have to fix ourselves?

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)

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