Hapag-Lloyd Freight Vessel

After the merger with UASC (United Arab Shipping Company), Hapag-Lloyd has boasted one of its youngest fleets in the cargo industry. The vessels will be dismantled accordingly to the environmental regulations and certified shipyards. The seven-year-old container ships that had a capacity of 4,101 TEU will be recycled in Turkey and in China. The shipyards within Turkey and China are certified to recycle ships in an environmentally friendly manner.

The COO of Hapag-Lloyd said that the recycling of these ships is part of the restructuring project of their fleet. In 2017, the company already had three older vessels from the former UASC fleet that was dismantled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Also, Hapag-Lloyd is now offering a service to the East Coast of Africa for the very first time. They are already demands to Mombasa and Daar-es-Salaam over Jeddah for onward transshipment and local distribution.

They are expecting in April to deploy four vessels each with a capacity of 1,200 TEU in the new East Africa Service. This will be a sole operation.

Senior Managing Director Region Middle East, Lars Christiansen, informed that this would a trade which their customers have wanted the company to serve for awhile now. And EAS will benefit from Hapag-Lloyd’s strong presence in the Middle East and connection to the global network.

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Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)

Source: https://www.worldcargonews.com/news/hapag-lloyd-to-recycle-more-vessels-49099

Mother Nature Wrecking Havoc on Freight & Trucking

Extreme freezing weather has caused chaos in recent weeks across the United States. The Midwest and the Southeast has faced the worst impact of winter storm Inga and many shipments have been delayed or destroyed as a result.

Hundreds of roads in the affected areas have been declared too hazardous to drive on, leaving drivers to seek alternate routes. For those who have dared to brave the highways, they have seen closed ramps and major accidents caused by the slick, icy roads. In Columbus, Indiana one lane had to be shut down after a trailer attached to a truck flipped over a concrete barrier. This is just one example of the level of destruction that winteingar weather can cause.

According to Freight Waves, weather contributes to up to $3.5 Billion losses in the freight industry each year. Also, more than 50% of all weather-related traffic delays are specifically due to snow and ice. This time of year can be very challenging for businesses as they are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

With so many unpredictable scenarios that can occur while your valuable goods are in transit, cargo insurance should be at the top of your priorities. Be proactive and prepared by purchasing cargo insurance before your next shipment.

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)