Valentine’s Day Shipping

According to Society of American Florists, 35% of Americans will purchase flowers this year amounting to $2 billion in sales. Most of the flowers will be coming from Bogota, Colombia. With UPS the leading provider for flower transportation, they are expecting to deliver at least 88 million flowers this year. From Latin America through the Miami International Airport, the flowers get distributed to their destination.

Flowers are not the only thing people are buying today. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend about $19.6 billion on gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether it was planned spending or last-minute spending, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest periods. For example, FedEx expects to ship millions of pounds of flowers, chocolates, jewelry and other gifts, making hundreds of thousands of deliveries on top of its average daily volume of 9 million shipments. They added extra flights and trucks to accommodate for the demand this year.

It’s important to have shipping insurance coverage to make sure that your goods not only arrive on time but safe. Vintage Heart Valentines Day Card

Written by Iris Arden (Ramon Inc.)